bringing it back for the kids

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Free Beginner Class

Bad Sam and Erica are cooking something up for Sunday's beginner class. As always, 1pm at 817 Metropolitan avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.


If you've tried the Beginner classes and want to join us for the real thing, sign up for an elements class!

To join the gym as a full member we require everyone to take an elements class, this is because to ensure the safety and comfort of our members we give specialized training in all of the various exercises and movements that can occur in our workouts.

For a full description of our elements program see here.

Kenny Levitates


this should be us

backflips are awesome.

hey guys, if i wanna buy into BurpeePalooza 2008 tomorrow, can i just do em at home, or do these have to be crossfit sanctioned burpees?

and the number is 119 tomorrow, right?

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