It's not really filthy...I mean, we sweep the floor every day!

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For time:
50 Box jump, 24 inch box
50 Jumping pull-ups
50 Kettlebell swings, 1 pood
Walking Lunge, 50 steps *
50 Knees to elbows
50 Push press, 45 pounds
50 Back extensions
50 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball
50 Burpees
50 Double unders

In other news, Good Sam is attending the South Booklyn Cert and we wish her well.
Does anyone know of other locals who are attending that we should wish good luck to as well?

Finally, for those keeping track at home:
Day 12 of the Pullup/Angie challenge! 78 rep total buy in. Operators are standing by!
Day 97 of the Burpee Challenge. Home stretch!!! Will anyone make it to the end?


filthy fifty:


that sucked.

Did 40 instead
sub knees to elbows on the floor


Juan...I believe Brett is at the SBK Cert this weekend as well, but I could be mistaken. If not Brett, I'm sure someone else is in addition to Sam.

Day 80 for my burpee challenge tomorrow - and yes, I will make it to the end.

Cindy - 21 rounds + 10 pushups


Monday (making up from last month) = 21:48
Today (holy shit this repeated quickly) 26:25

Slowed today by a slight bottleneck at GHD machine for back extensions, and by makeshift wall balls (uneven weight in bag that I filled = shifting, time loss, and more stabilizer muscle burn) all in all, a good time.

on another note, can I reserve two medium BBB shirts with the glassman quote on the back? I want to get them, but don't know when I'll be there next. Or if someone from there can bring them to Manhattan sometime, I can pay you there / then, or whenver works.


i made up cindy tonight.

30:05 minutes (pr)

KTE were more like hanging knee raises, but burpees went much quicker than usual thanks to the challenge.

Nice job, Juan!

24:49 as rx'd

with back ext. on adjustable bench acting as GHD.

K2E's, wallballs, and burpees still my trouble spots. I'm gonna do Mary tomorrow.

30 reps

Helped out Moon with today's classes.

Lately, I've been aiming to emphasize how we at CrossFit Brooklyn are different from your regular "globo" gym, and to demonstrate the value of our program. I want beginners to leave class feeling like they're getting something with us that they won't be learning from, say, Crunch gym. So in my last few classes, I've been trying to introduce the beginners to weightlifting. And by "weightlifting", I mean weightlifting, as in Olympic weightlifting. No, I don't think I'm giving away the "Elements" milk for free and no, I'm not having beginners snatch 2x bodyweight overhead. I'm just looking to give them a taste of the tip of the iceberg that is CF's Oly progression by focusing on one of the foundational components. A few weeks ago, I went over medicine ball cleans and today I decided to do PVC overhead squats.

I began discussing how the OHS is a step on the road to snatches. I didn't remember to touch on the general athleticism of O-lifting, but I did talk about the role of mid-line stabilization in overall CF programming and its importance to athletic movement, concluding that the OHS is one of the ways CF training develops this type of strength. I didn't have any real lecture prepared, so it certainly wasn't organized or eloquent by any means, but hopefully I got those points across.

Anyway, beginners WOD:
20 minutes, As Many Rounds As Possible
5 knees to elbows
10 push ups
15 box jumps, 20"

I didn't copy the scores, but today we had returning beginners Marc and Jay along with CFSBK's Erik and Charmel (who apparently did lots of push ups and K2E's yesterday).

For the WODders, it was mostly skills practice and some make up WOD work, but we did come up with a quickie WOD for our recent Elements grads. In keep with the theme of "core" strength, we went with a coupling of mid-line work with flexion. Finbar requested some knees to elbows practice, while Alex and Luke were already practicing barbell squats, so it seemed pretty obvious...

10 65# OHS / 1 knees to elbows
9 65# OHS / 2 knees to elbows
8 65# OHS / 3 knees to elbows
... / ...
1 65# OHS / 10 knees to elbows

Luke 10:12
Finbar 12:25
Alex 12:29

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