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Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Main site says Rest Day. I am not sure what is scheduled given that this cycle went a little oddly with our super-late opening on Saturday. There's really nothing else to do but come in and throw yourself on the mercy of the Court!


As a part of the continuing series of improvements the new CrossFit Brooklyn, Sam, Moon and Kevin P. (when are we just going to nickname him "Ah-nold"?) speced out the CrossFit Brooklyn Official House Records board for 2009.


Here are some answers to some Quickly Thought Up Questions (QTUP):

1) Can I submit my times/weights/rounds from anywhere?

Anywhere? No. Records that go on the board should have been achieved at (or near, in the case of runs) Brooklyn unless particular exceptions are required (like the Total being effectively canceled, forcing people to go outside the gym that day.)

2) Can I submit from any time in my past?

No. Records are for WODs done this year only. At the end of 2009, the board will be erased and the field will be made wide open again If you were good enough to be up there in 2009, you should be even better in 2010. We want to avoid the "Al Bundy Syndrome" where people have that "4 touchdowns in one game" day and then slack off for the next 10 years.

3) Can I try to get a record at any time?

No. The board will be filled in as the WOD comes up in the natural cycle of things. People will get one opportunity, either on the day of the WOD or on a day up to and including the Rest Day after the WOD was announced. After that people will have to wait until the next time the WOD comes up in the cycle.

4) But I think the heel wedges in my new Romaleos threw off my deadlift form in the recent CrossFit Total, and if I just tried for a redo I could put myself firmly in the '800 Club' where I belong....

Suck it up, Moon! The WOD will come up again. This will encourage you to work on your form in the meantime.

5) Murph just happened a few weeks ago - will my score count?

There will be limited backfilling allowed for certain WODs that we missed, including that Murph. Don't worry - we'll take care of ya.

6) Speaking of that Murph, what about subs (as in a lack of weight vest) for that or other WODs?

To go on the board, one has to do the WOD as RXed. In this case, if the requisite weight vest was not used, it does not count. Scores achieved by women using official "women's weights" as defined in the WOD by the main site will count.

7) How will we submit our records for comparison/consideration?

There will be a section of the whiteboard where people can put their scores for consideration to go on the Records Board when a relevant WOD comes up. Once the Rest Day for that cycle is concluded, we'll figure out which scores go up on the wall.

8) How were those WODs picked (or often what is meant is "The WOD I am awesome at is not up there - can that be included?")?

Those are considered to be a pretty good representation of Girls, Fallen Heroes, weightlifting and running. That should allow for everyone to have something to shoot for that matches their strengths. If something was obviously missed, just say so and if the claim is reasonable then it might get wedged in there or, more likely, it will bounce something else out because space is limited.

9) I think the only way Greg managed to leap up to a 170 pound press is through the use of illicit Northern Portuguese-styled blood doping techniques. How can his CFT score be called into question for review by some sort of Ruling Committee?

Seriously? Look - this is supposed to be a fun little addition to the gym. When it stops being fun, it's coming down and we are going to get an artist to recreate this mural with Jeff as the wrestler. [Given the potential for a conflict of interest, Jeff cannot be the only one to suddenly claim that this is not fun.]

My point being, even if you think everyone else has lost their minds and you do not think a record should be up there, just let it go people. At best that person is only going to enjoy the "glory" for the next 330ish days. Meanwhile making an overblown fuss about a score can result in your widely being considered a douche for several years.

10) What's the format up there?

For each WOD there are 3 ranks for women and 3 ranks for men. The top unsubbed values for that particular WOD is written and then their name next to it. To start, women are written in red and men in blue. We'll see how well that convention holds as we are hell on the markers there.

Let the games begin!


Finally, I went into the archives so you did not have to in order that I might bring up this old-but-classic Coach Glassman story that I mentioned during last night's class. Please to read and enjoy:

"The GHD sit-up was once a gym staple. In the gym today only rarely will someone be found doing other than back extensions on the GHD. In no small measure the decline of the GHD or roman chair sit-up coincided with the advent of the crunch. The crunch came to fashion on warnings and claims in popular media of the traditional sit-up's destructive impact on the back. It was argued that the GHD style sit-up's primary movers were the hip flexors and not the abs and consequently this sit-up, and sit-ups like it, were actually not good abdominal exercises. It was further argued that recruiting the hip flexors to lift the torso was destructive to the lumbar spine. Once every couple of years we get lucky and find an exercise physiologist to repeat this message of poor ab recruitment and lower back destruction standing in front of the GHD apparatus. What we do is ask them to mount the GHD and perform a set of thirty sit-ups for us while rehashing the poor recruitment claim. The fun comes the following day when the report comes back from the exercise scientist that they are almost too sore to sit upright. Laughing, walking, standing, and moving are all excruciating. Where are they hit? The abs.

Our favorite story along these same lines comes from Matt Weaver (, arguably the world's fastest human being. On top of being known for hitting 85 mph on a bike, Matt was crowned "King Sit-Up" in high school for completing 100 perfect-form bodyslapping sit-ups (BSSU's) in one minute. In one of his earlier visits to CrossFit Santa Cruz he found himself in a multi-station circuit with a group of CrossFit veterans that included twenty-one reps of GHD sit-ups with a full range of motion, hands reaching back to the floor. The workout left Matt sick in the immediate aftermath. This was a surprisefor sure but nothing prepared Matt for what came the following morning: "I awoke later without the slightest ability to sit up. It was as if the six pack was totally gone, though all ribs remained. The curse had left me merely able to roll over and slither like a snake off the edge of the bed. From there I had to use my arms in humiliating ways to move about. I avoided being seen. A week passed, and I began to revitalize."

The worst was yet to come! In the wake of Matt's being dethroned as King Sit-Up, his abs had swollen and distended markedly. This kid looked fat and sunburned where the week before he'd been ripped and lily white. As the swelling subsided, his scrotum grew and grew and grew. Matt's father, John, is an ER doc, so he was consulted. He laughed himself to near seizure. Our kind of doc. Before the swelling stopped Matt's scrotum had become the size of a small and very ugly cantaloupe. Why we have no pictures we'll never understand. Apparently the fluids that had swollen Matt's abs had drained into the inguinal canal and filled the scrotum. Oh, and apparently GHD sit-ups recruit the abs. Matt is convinced.

The lesson we've drawn from the GHD sit-up is that in spite of the primacy of hip flexors over trunk flexors, or the abs, in this sit-up it recruits the abs powerfully in two ways. First, the movement takes the trunk from hyperextension to full flexion, albeit with negligible load. (No crunch can match this range of motion.) Second, the role of the abs in this sit-up is powerful and largely isometric - i.e., they stabilize the torso from undue extension. This second point is consistent with our belief that the most powerful, functional, and developmental contractions of the trunk are isometric, not isokinetic. Our favorite ab exercises are predominantly stabilization or isometric exercises. The GHD sit-up, the L sit, and the overhead squat share this stabilization role. The lack of trunk flexion in these moves hides their potency from the uninitiated." - Greg Glassman


I personally vote for no further totals this year...might be the only time i can claim a spot in the top 3

I assume that witnesses always have to be present.

ie: if I go to the track and run a storming 5km, without any witnesses, does it count?

Yes. We already trust everyone to keep track of their own reps, to add up their own weights and to keep track of their number of rounds. Trusting people to manage a stopwatch on their own should not be any different.

However if you go all out on your next 5k in front of witnesses and you are 10 minutes slower than last month's "record" then people might look at ya funny...;)

Technically I did hit 900 on the total yesterday, but I don't want that put up as its 40 lbs lower than what I hit on 1/1....

This is great. Not as awesome as the dodgeball mural with Jeff in it, but close. I am really looking forward to my first weighted Murph. That should be absolutely terrible.

Also, just as a point of clarification- For Michael times, does it include GHD situps or abmats?

See you guys tonight!

P.S. Paul, I sent you an email to the address listed in the B3 records. I didn't get a bounce back, but not sure if it actually went through. When you get a chance, would you please email me at kurt _ tullar at yahoo dot com? Thanks.

Kurt - The current thinking is that any WODoR should be done specifically as RXed unless there is a complete equipment deficit that would prevent the person from doing so. A WOD with 2x15' rope climbs, for example, would definitely have to be subbed with 3x10' rope climbs (how great is it that took a minute to come up with a WOD that has equipment that we do not have in Brooklyn!?)

Anyway, to answer the question, since we do have a GHD in the house, it should be used for Record consideration for Michael.

Oh, in speaking with BadSam about the running - if one wanted to do a "true Brooklyn" 400m run without the stop/turnaround at the 400m mark, just run to/from the 800m mark from/to the gym. However McCarren (or other Brooklyn tracks) times will still be allowed.

BTW - Tippy has offered to paint the aforementioned mural on another wall. Fortunately she is busy with school until summer. At that point I may need help in coming up with some other delaying tactic.

Moon- Sorry, I should have been more specific- The official Michael post lists the situps as just that...situps. This typically means normal abmat situps. However, the video shows GHD situps. I was wondering which theory we were adopting.

FYI- Last time this came up, Hari broke it down into Rx (abmat situps and GHD back extensions) and super-RX (GHD for both). Not sure if this really means anything, but figured I would throw it in there.

I will have to spray another 800m mark, since the last one was obliterated when they re-did the side walk next to Cooper park.

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