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#24 (Williamsburg) Mon/Thur @ 7pm, starts May 3 (2 slots left) (1/2 price = $150)
#25 (Williamsburg) Mon/Thur @8pm, starts May 10 (1/2 price = $150)

Rowing Workshop -- Saturday, May 15th

Friday 100423

Three rounds for time of:
135 pound Hang power cleans, 15 reps
15 Burpees

Post time to comments.

CFBK Strength Preference: CF Football

Complete the following sprints:

2 x 20 Meter Sprints (rest 20 seconds between efforts)

Rest 30 seconds then...

4 x 30 Meter Sprints (rest 30 seconds between efforts)

Rest 30 seconds then...

10 x 10 Meter Flying Starts (rest 30 seconds between efforts)
*take 10 meters to accelerate, you should be full speed by the time you hit your start.

Post fastest times on the flying starts to comments.

Compare to 041710


Hey anyone going to
the 1PM class I have. To leave at 215 from the box. ill be. There at 123o of. You want to get started sooner. Thanks

5:15 Rx'd
hpc's went
round 1: unbroken
round 2: 8,7
round 3: 6,5,4
burpees were unbroken

nice work guy
next time, all unbroken!

11.. something RX'd

had to do singles from the floor
have no grip with my right hand
from a previous injury. sucks!!

Great Job GUY!!!!

5:26 rx'd.

6:47 RX'd

hello weekend

11:14 scaled to 105#
terrible form today

21:26 125#

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