Go all out

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Wendler 5/3/1 back squat, cycle 2, week 3 (deload)
5 reps: 45, 95, 110, 135, 160
barefoot & blindfolding (not sure how much benefit I'm getting from this)

BBB 5k run (4 laps around loop)
~5:40, ~5:50, ~5:50, ~5:25

21:24 Rx. I don't like running.

25:41 Rx'd

Jeff, week 3 isnt the deload, week 4 is... Also barefoot is ok, but why are you doing something blindfolded? Are you trying to learn the ways of the force?

I'll have to reread my journal to see if I actually missed a week, but I just finished the 5/3/1 week.

As for the blindfold, I just finished reading Pavel's Power to the People last month where he anecdotally mentions methods for improving proprioception. I wanted to try it out, I sure as hell was not going to be doing it during any of the hard weeks and I figured I'd spice up deload week.

29:43 @ manhattan w. stairs

Sorry for the short notice, but morning class on Monday, May 10 is canceled.

23:35 rx'd

Nice work Luke - you killed it.


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