May Powers

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#122 Women-only Elements (first ever!) -- M/W/F @ 6:30pm, starts May 17 (4 slots left)
#123 Tue/Thur @ 9pm, starts May 18
#124 Mon/Thur @ 7:30am, starts May 24 (4 slots left)
#125 Tue/Thur @ 8pm, starts May 25

Rowing Workshop -- Saturday, May 15th

Wednesday 100512

Five rounds for time of:
5 Muscle-ups
135 pound Power clean, 10 reps
Run 220 meters

Post time to comments.

CFBK Strength Preference: CF Football

Rest Day.

In BBB news, due to some conflicts regarding the teaching schedule, it looks like the best time to schedule a Townhall Meeting regarding the closing of BBB is this Thursday at 9pm. Hopefully, that will work for most people. Anyone who is a current member of BBB is invited.


in manhattan: 26 even - rx'd. ROM on MU's kind of lousy.

I plan on coming tomorrow.

its great when someone writes something as strange looking as
"ROM on MUs"
and it makes perfect sense

Worked on some Power cleans was planning on doing a 5 * 3 moved up to 165# andstarted having shoulder pain so I stopped.

Did Annie, anchored sit-ups no abmat

6:15, did 100 anchored sit-ups yesterday and did 120 with an abmat on monday, so my abs were sore on the first 50, definitely have sub 6 fresh.

Some WODs make you feel like a champ, others make you feel like a chump. I was chumped today. No MU strength made for poor timing (having to sub PUs/RDs), add that to bad power clean form (and taking extra time in a failed effort to correct it) you get a 25+ minute result.... at least the runs felt nice!

On yeah, those were assisted PUs/RDs with gray bands.

If we will be unable to make the transition to the Manhattan location, do we have to "do" anything or will our membership simply expire?

MU progressions
#53 cleans

Thanks Cain

17:29 Knee MU's

my 8:00 heat was killing this WOD

really great work by everyone


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