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#123 starts TONIGHT SOLD OUT!
#124 Mon/Thur @ 7:30am, starts May 24 (4 slots left)
#125 starts May 25 SOLD OUT!
#126 Mon/Thurs @ 6am, starts June 7
#127 Mon/Wed @ 7:30pm @ 6:30pm, starts June 7 (4 slots left)

Tuesday 100518


50-40-30-20 and 10 rep rounds of:

Post time to comments.

Compare to 091029.

CFBK Strength Preference: CF Football

Complete 7 rounds:

Max Rep Weighted Chin Ups with 50% of 1 RM
Sprint 50 yards

*Select your weight and complete as many reps as possible of chin ups.
*Once you come off the bar sprint 50 yards.
*Rest as needed between rounds.

Post weighs used and reps completed to comments.


Throwing it out there again, I have a group of about 30 going out to play paintball at skirmish in PA on 6/6. We have a bus taking us there and back...let me know if you have any interest.

Last time coming to the BBB,
It was fun, great hang guys.
Annie, always fun. 5:26 rx
Sub 5 next time.

btw, 405 deadlift LUKE. no bullshit

take care guys

Sorry if this has been asked already, but I have a question about Brooklyn members transferring their membership to Manhattan.

Will all the Brooklyn pricing options continue to be available to Brooklyn members in Manhattan, or just a member's current plan? In my case, I joined the BBB last month and purchased a 1-month membership. I am planning on renewing that membership when it expires since I am having a kid this week and am not sure what my schedule will look like. But if, down the road, I wanted to purchase a 6-month membership at the Brooklyn rate ($600), would I be able to do that?


9:45 rx'd

My rope broke 25 DU's into the first round and there were only shorties avail - I had to do ducking double unders until Ari finished. I can definitely shave a couple minutes off this time. DU's were unbroken with the longer rope.

Have a good summer Ari and congrats on the 405! I'll have a sub 20 5k by the time you return.

So far I see 6 people, including myself, interested in t-shirts. My plan was to put hard to kill on the shirt, I promise I will make it creative and represent Brooklyn. IF ANYBODY ELSE IS INTERESTED IN T-SHIRTS PLEASE LET ME KNOW TODAY!! The more we get made the cheaper and I will need to place this order tomorrow to have any possibility to have them made and sent up by next Friday. Please post here if you are interested I will be putting confirmations on who I am making shirts for and let the price be known for everyone to confirm before they are made.

Dave, I'm in for the t-shirts.

Dave, yes for shirts.

I need 2

I am in for a shirt.

Hey Dave, Cathy and I will claim some shirts

I'm in for a shirt too please.

Hey Dave, I talked to court the other night about getting more of the classic "be hard to kill" shirts printed up and he said they have all the graphics, but I think he also said the company who printed them last time went out of business. I believe he told me to contact Sara at the manhattan box about getting a copy of the graphics to put an order together. Seems easier than designing a new one... I'll e-mail sara about that now

Dave,I'm in for a shirt as well please

I want a shirt! please thank you

I am also in for a shirt.

Unrelated: are the empty kegs moving to the Manhattan box? If not, has anyone claimed them? I'd be interested in taking them if no one else wants them.

Nicole and I will take 2 shirts as well

Pull up madness!
1st kip pull up!!!!!!!
The pressure was on with Cathy right next to me.
Good Job Cathy.

Annie 11:47

Congrats to both Cathy & Laura on the pullups!

Dave, I'm in for a shirt.

Dave I'm in for a shirt. I'm still out in Sydney but I can have Saskia take care of the particulars.

On a side note, I've been trying to get a Be Hard To Kill t-shirt since I joined BBB last year.

Dave, I am in for 1 t-shirt

Allright so it looks like we're gonna have some t-shirts made. Please keep in mind this will not be a Brooklyn Be hard to kill t-shirt, it will be an RIP Brooklyn t-shirt which will most certainly have be hard to kill on it somewhere. Here is the list I have for shirts:

Dave A.
Mike K.
Luke S.
Mike N. X 2
Justin F
John G.
Nicole W.
Craig G and Nicole G
Chris C.
Paul B.
D Smith
Mike Mishik
Matt K
James keller
Matt D.

I have not heard from him but we're chipping in to get torch a shirt as well. I will get the quote tomorrow, if I missed anybody please let me know ASAP, otherwise plesse put what size shirt you want on TOMORROWS blog. Thanks, I will get with everyone in regards to costs.

Grace wants a t-shirt as well, Court or one of the owners can you please give me the exact date BBB opened.


Sorry Dave, could you put Saskia down for a shirt as well?

Got it. Also forgot to write Brook B and Guy for shirts as well.

Torch doesn't have internet right now- Put him down for a shirt.


please put me down for a shirt, too. thx

12:30 in manhattan

9:33 - unanchored, abmat

Tommy V @BBB at 7

33:12 - 115#, rope climbs on the rope, not 15 feet, used my feet or anything else i could to get up it. this was pretty bad.


Can you put me down for 2 shirts, both XL
Thank bro!

I'll buy a shirt too.


1 shirt for me too (XL), thanks!

I need 3 now, M, L and XL

Dave - Still in for a shirt. I'll take a large, or whatever size you wear.

Dave - XL for shirt size - din't mention that above

Congrats! Laura and Cathy on the pullups!

Oh yeah, size: M

Small shirt please!

Dave, a Large shirt for me. Thanks for putting this together.

Annie - with tuck jump subs - 22:44 - Did this one at home, not the same as being in the gym, and I don't think the down stairs neighbors were too happy.


I will take a large. Thanks!

Annie 10:46 rx'd


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