Torch wasn't available, so...

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Nonetheless, CrossFit NYC: The Black Box is still very proud to be featured in this month's Men's Fitness, on newsstands now. Here's a sneak peek:

Want to read the rest? Like I said, check your local newsstand!

And in other important news, for those of you Black Box members who go way back, you'll remember the fact that our head trainer and co-owner/co-founder Court Wing, RKC-certified kettlebell instructor, once "courted your favor" and asked you to help vote him into the Top 10 RKC-certified instructors of the entire country. We were a small gym back then, yet apparently a powerful one, as we managed to raise Court's ranking to the grand heights of #4 on that very list!

However, it seems we've had our backs turned for too long and Court's ranking has slipped lower than the Top Ten. So, please, dear loyal students of our very own supreme Court, please take a moment out of your busy schedule to offer your review of Court's abilities as a trainer (whether specifically on kettlebells, crossfit, or Z-Health for that matter). We appreciate it most highly!

In BBB news, due to some conflicts regarding the teaching schedule, it looks like the best time to schedule a Townhall Meeting regarding the closing of BBB is this Thursday at 9pm. Hopefully, that will work for most people. Anyone who is a current member of BBB is invited.

Monday 100510

Seven rounds for time of:
10 Handstand push-ups
45lb dumbbells Squat clean, 10 reps
10 L-pull-ups

Post time to comments.

CFBK Strength Preference: CF Football

As many rounds as possible in 8 minutes:

3 Deadlifts 315 lbs
5 50 lbs Dumbbell Box Jumps 24"

*Perform box jumps with a 50 lbs DB in each hand.
*You have to land with both feet on the box and finish with hips fully extended to count as a rep.

Post times to comments.


Hey Guys,
I'm taking another big group of people out to paintball at skirmish on June 6th. We have a bus picking us up and taking us back...anyone want in? I figured this was right in a few of your wheelhouses.

Let me know if you are interested


Townhall meeting Thursday 9pm
I'm in

Back squats 5x5

Hardest jump in weight so far, but first set was a PR. Will try this again in the near future.

Double unders Helen
50 double unders
21 KB swings 1 pood to above shoulders
12 pullups


As usual, I was tired and it's my Friday. Shoulder still cranky.

10 * 2 DL 315#

4 rounds for time:
20 24" Box jumps
30 Air Squats
40 situps
400m run


Great way to workoff the weekend!

one day behind

run 1 mi
row 2K
run 1 mi

wasted time before and after row
and wasnt sure how to pace the run

34:03 - 1 abmat for most, 2 for some - 1 pood for the SC's

38 something
got my first hspu with only 3 ab mats!
kb squat cleans
orange band pull ups


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